Scholarship Overview

Each year, the Hyattsville/Landover (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated award scholarships to assist minority students in their goal of pursuing Achievement in Higher Education. The scholarships are restricted to minority students currently enrolled in Senior High School Programs in Prince George's County, Maryland. The scholarships are also available to minority undergraduate college students, not exceeding their second year in college, who are residents of Prince George's County, Maryland, but who will be enrolled in educational institutions located throughout the United States. In addition, students enrolled in Prince George's Community College are also eligible. The scholarships are primarily directed toward minority males, however, all minority students may apply. The scholarship application period begins the Monday following the Thanksgiving Break in November to March 15th of each school year.

Selection for scholarships will be based on the criteria listed below:
  • All scholarship applicants shall submit a photo upon the completion of the application as well as have a minimum cumulative grade point average equivalent or higher to 3.0 on a 4.0 grade point system (appropriate documentation will be required for Grades and SAT scores).

  • All scholarship applicants shall provide proof of enrollment and/or admission to a 2 or 4 year accredited College and/or University before any scholarship funds have been awarded. The scholarship applicant must adhere to that enrollment of that College and/or University so not to default and/or dismiss any scholarship awards. If a scholarship applicant is awarded the funds, after the scholarship application process and has notified the scholarship committee chairman they aren't attending the accredited college and/or university documented on the scholarship application any and all awards will be withheld and the scholarship applicant will have to apply for the scholarship award the next school year.

  • All scholarship applicants are required to submit a professional resume that they will use towards the future, complete an essay of a minimum of 500 words or more on the "Meaning of Achievement", and forward it, along with the application electronically to the scholarship committee, postmarked no later than March 15th of that school year.

  • All scholarship applicants are also required to submit , which will be mailed to the address on the website, three letters of recommendation from their school, a community organization, a church, and/or place of employment.

  • Each scholarship applicant may be subject to an interview regarding their application, and if so, will be informed via email, fax, mail, and/or phone call. Nothing in these procedures, unless stated in the formal interview of the applicant, shall prevent a student from being considered more than once for a scholarship.

Scholarship winners will be notified prior to the week of Student Awards/Achievement Ceremony about their awards. All scholarship awards will be presented at our Student Awards/Achievement Ceremony in May or June of that year. All scholarship winners shall receive notification when funds are disbursed by the end of October. These funds will be disbursed to the educational institutions in the student's name, once documentation is received by the scholarship committee chairman that the student is enrolled and attending the educational institution submitted on the application is valid.


  • Complete TYPED Scholarship Application
  • Sealed transcript (from their Senior High School, College and/or University)
  • Copy of SAT Scores
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Typed 500 word essay on "Meaning of Achievement"


The Scholarship Application can be downloaded as a PDF file. Simply, download and print the application, then type the information using a typewriter. An MS Word Template is also available. Please note that this version can be completed using your computer and does not require a typewriter. It is highly recommended that all scholarship applications be submitted electronically. If you wish to obtain the MS Word version, please contact the Scholarship Chairman, Carlos M. Johnson, or via cell phone 301.325.1290.

Once the scholarship application is completed please email it electronically to the Scholarship Committee Chairman or print it and mail it with all required documentation mentioned to:

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
c/o Carlos M. Johnson, Scholarship Committee Chairman
P. O. Box 2639
Hyattsville, Maryland 20784

For additional information on Scholarship, you can contact the Scholarship Chairman, Carlos M. Johnson.