Annual Countywide Essay Contest

The purpose of the contest is to provide the high school students of Prince George's County an opportunity, outside of their normal school curriculum, to strengthen and enhance their literary skills as well as increase their knowledge of local and national issues. This will be accomplished through written expression of their opinions in the form of an essay.

The contest presents various topics to select from that the student must research and provide an analysis and opinion, thereby fostering the ability to express oneself in a logical and intelligent manner. The students' knowledge of current and past events and their impact on society in general are expanded. The students' respective schools also benefit by showcasing their talented students. This also promotes healthy competition in the scholastic areas. In some cases, the teachers at the respective schools have incorporated the contest into their curriculum. Finally, the students are awarded for their efforts with prizes and recognition amongst their peers. This contest has received the approval of the Prince George's County Public Schools Contest Committee. A panel of independent judges, who are well-respected and vital members of our community, will select the top ten essays. The judges will not be related to any students. The top ten entries will be invited to our Student Achievement Ceremony in May and will receive a prize for being a finalist. The Grand Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries. By entering the contest, entrants grant permission for sponsors to publish all or part of their submitted essay and to use the entrant's name and photograph to publicize the successful entries - all without royalty or other consideration.

Essays must be postmarked by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline and adhere to the contest rules and format.

Please contact the Guide Right Chairman at for more information.